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The challenge of finding your property makes choosing the right mortgage so much more important.


Many of us are looking for a better mortgage deal, or would like to release some of the equity in the home you own

Moving Home

When your thinking of selling your existing property and moving to a new home, its important that you try and budget accurately

Buy To Let

This can be a popular mortgage option for those wishing to invest in residential rental property

Help To Buy

This scheme started on 1 April 2013 and will run until 2021. It will be available in England only. Other UK schemes can be found

Why Genistar Mortgages?

Purchasing a property is often the largest purchase many will make. Securing the right finance for such an important event requires detailed research, backed by a comprehensive assessment of the client requirements, objectives and financial suitability.

With this in mind, Genistar Mortgages has been structured to offer it’s clients the best possible service, both from the view of customer service and range of mortgage options.

Our team of experienced mortgage advisors are trained to ‘serve’ our clients, as opposed to ‘sell to’ which includes researching products that the client would not have access to themselves, as they may only be available online or marketed through a broker.

This means the client can be assured they will be recommended the most suitable product that suits them not just at the time of purchase, but over the long term.

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